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Barricade Wraps

Anyone who lives or works in a city of any significance knows how visually unappealing barricades can be. Although they (along with traffic cones and chain link fences) provide a functional purpose by keeping pedestrians safe from dangerous areas, they also draw attention for all of the wrong reasons. As specialists in barricade wrap printing, Apple Visual Graphics has the skill to give any area the same degree of safety and protection that is normally provided by a barricade while also creating a more aesthetically appealing barrier. Barricade wraps can be installed indoors or outdoors, and we provide you with a choice of having partial or full coverage.

The barricade wraps from Apple Visual Graphics are durable, fireproof, and 100% weatherproof so that they maintain their good looks over long-term use. You can also choose to have a laminate finish added along with a choice of semi-permanent adhesive for short-term applications or permanent adhesive for long-term use.

Vinyl Barricade wrap advertising is extremely effective. It can feature your company’s logo and graphics. This is perfect if you want to announce that your business is “coming soon” to an area under construction, or if you’d like to list apartments for sale on a complex that is being renovated. Even in shopping centers such as malls, barricades can serve as separators for kiosks and show floor maps or advertisements. Of course, we understand that your employees are probably not familiar with setting up an entire barricade wrap, which is why we provide installation. We even include de-installation for when you’re ready to take the barricade down without disrupting customers or employees.

No matter what you need your barricade wrap for, Apple Visual Graphics specializes in fast turnarounds so that your vision becomes a reality in as little time as possible. Our team of experts will make sure everything is perfect, from the formatting to the installation. We focus on quality, and we understand that your barricade wraps and signage all represent your brand. To make sure you’re represented properly, give us a call today to discuss your barricade wrap printing needs.