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Digital & Offset Printing


Digital & Offset Printing

Please find on this page some of our past work done for clients who have requested digital or offset printing. You’ll notice that it’s difficult to spot the difference and each printing method can be applied to a variety of applications. Catalogs, brochures, product holders and menus are all possibilities within the realm of digital and offset printing. The printing method you choose will not be based on the project itself, but on your deadline and budget. In addition to the work you see on this page, Apple Visual Graphics also specializes in:

Digital Printing is a modern printing method utilizing ink-jets and laser printers. In this method of printing, digital image files such as JPEGs, PDFs and TIFFs are sent to a printer via computer output. Images are manipulated and created through software like Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Unlike traditional offset printing, a printing plate does not need to be created. Images can quickly be designed on a computer and printed on the spot, saving customers not only time, but money. While larger volume orders require more time than smaller ones, both can be initiated immediately.

In the past, offset printing has produced higher quality prints than digital. However, with the advent of technology digital printing methods have substantially improved and are continuing to improve day by day. Because there is no need to create a costly printing plate, customers who choose digital printing methods are not constrained to pre-determined runs and can choose to print as much or as little as they want. At Apple Visual Graphics, we offer a large range of specialty digital printing services to take your product to the next level.

Offset Printing is a long-established printing method originally developed to recreate artwork in the 1800s. It is now often used to produce mass volumes of quality documents. The technique begins through the creation of a metal plate which has been engraved with a desired image. Ink is applied over the surface of the engraved plate and then pressed against a rubber blanket. The blanket in turn is used to transfer the image onto a sheet of paper.

While a truly original way of printmaking, it may not be suitable for all projects. For every order, a metal plate must be created and etched upon. This can be time draining and costly due to the energy needed to run the machines. For those with a strict budget and deadline this is may not be the best option. However for companies looking for the best quality of prints in a large volume, offset is still a preferred option and Apple Visual Graphics has the facilities to produce expert offset prints.

No matter what type of printed materials you need, Apple Visual Graphics will make them look as professional and fresh as possible. Whether you prefer the quality and appeal of offset printing or are on a limited budget, the printing experts here will make every project look as if it were more expensive and time consuming than it actually was. Your clients and customers will be just as impressed as you will be with our superior quality and unbeatable service. Our experienced team is ready to take on any of your requests no matter how difficult it might seem. Call us today to start planning your project and become one of our many satisfied customers.