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Printing Services New York City


Swatch Cards

Apple Visual Graphics has a skilled team working in our finishing department allowing us to make swatch cards with removable swatching.  We have also custom made swatch book binders with a heavy matte lam for a satiny feel.

Swatch cards are essential for businesses that sell paints, fabrics, or inks. At Apple Visual Graphics we offer custom swatch cards along with book binders to help you make a professional impact on your customers. Trust us and we’ll help you set the perfect first impression as you try to rise above the competition.

Table Tents

Apple Visual Graphics prints, laminates, diecuts and mounts to create a myriad of table tent options.

Table tents boast a wide number of uses. From advertising the specials in a restaurant, to displaying pertinent information at a trade show ,or even showcasing important information at business meetings, table tents are a perfect way to make the best impression while delivering the information that your potential customers need. At Apple Visual Graphics, we can help you design the perfect table tent to help you create the durable, eye catching advertisement that will bring in more customers.

Taxi Tops

Apple Visual Graphics prints taxi top advertising even if it's backlit!

Grab the attention of people all over the city with our taxi top displays! A much more effective marketing method than a static billboard, taxi tops have the potential to reach the attention of consumers in many locations throughout any given day. We offer a variety of displays and have the ability to help you design the display that meets your company’s individual needs. 

Telephone Kiosks


Apple Visual Graphics can print Telephone Kiosk Advertisemens just as easily as Subway Posters, Taxi Tops, Mallscapes and Commuter or Rail Cards.  All of these items require the same specifications and the proper stock is kept in house for fast turnaround.

Gain the attention of everyone on the street with our telephone kiosk advertisements. As you continue your branding efforts, we will help you create a bold and effective advertisement campaign that will catch the eye of passersby as they shop, whether indoors or outdoors.

Vehicle Wraps

Apple Visual Graphics has in house graphics designers and can use wide format capabilities and in house installer to follow your personalized vehicle wrap idea from start to finish.

Whether you use a truck, car, or van, you use your automobile to get just about everywhere. If you need to brand your company better, why not utilize every opportunity? We offer customized vehicle wraps that can be as simple as just a logo and your company’s information, or as bold as wrapping your entire vehicle in an unusual pattern to serve as a bold marketing tool while you are on the road.


Bring your advertisements to life with Vikuiti rear projection film. This marketing method is very effective to use as a digital representative of your company at a trade show since it leaves a lasting impression on your audience. Apple Visual Graphics can help you create the most unique Vikuiti display to help you bring your company one step ahead of the competition.

Wall Murals

Apple Visual Graphics can print and install your wall mural.

Promote your brand in the grandest way possible with a wall mural. Whether you want to advertise inside or out, our customized murals can help to serve as a piece of décor as well as an advertisement. Our professionals help you with everything, including installation, to ensure your 100 percent satisfaction with your mural.

Large Format Printing

Apple Visual Graphics specializes in wide format printing to provide you with an impeccable image to impress your audience. We can print projects between 2 and 10 feet wide to help your advertisement have the uniform look that you desire. The quality of our wide print formatting meets the same specifications as our smaller projects, allowing you a dramatic way to gain the attention of your audience without sacrificing quality.

Window Graphics

Apple Visual Graphics can print and install window graphics from butcher paper supermarket windows to adhesive vinyl displays.

Window graphics have many uses, from advertising a special to advertising your business in general. Our professionals have the ability to create custom window graphics to meet the needs of any business, large or small. We help you with the entire project from beginning to end to allow you to have an effective marketing method for your business.

Wrapping Paper

Apple Visual Graphics can print customized and branded wrapping paper or gift wrap.

Further your marketing efforts by printing customized wrapping paper with your company’s logo or image on it. This simple touch can help to advertise your business while giving your gifts a personal touch. We offer a variety of sizes and materials to help make your wrapping paper meet the needs of your business.